There are two ways to benefit from this site.  The first is to get free reports, and the second is to ask a specific question so you can get your individual problem solved.



Buyers and Sellers are both interested in Real Estate, but the issues they are interested in are different.  So, we have one set of reports for Buyers and another set of reports for Sellers.

If you sell a home without our free reports, you may leave thousands of dollars of equity behind, or you may get yourself in trouble with the law.  You could get tangled up with a buyer who cannot complete the sale, but who will not let your property go.  Click here to protect yourself with our free Sellers reports.

If you buy a home without our free reports, you may buy the wrong house in the wrong location for the wrong price, and go through too much hassle doing it.  Or, worse yet, you might not be able to complete the transaction, so you don't get to buy anything but trouble.  Click here to get the most for your dollars with our free Buyers reports.



Here is your chance to get free information specifically tailored to you. How often do you get a consultation with a retired real estate lawyer, a twenty-one year veteran of real estate sales and development, and a Real Estate Broker, without having to pay anything for it?  What information would give you peace of mind or make you more $$$$? If you could find out the answer to a question or two, would it make a difference in your life?

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There is no obligation in asking a question. I only ask that when you or your friends and family think of Real Estate, you think of me.  I can help you find a talented real estate professional in your area at no cost to you. 

If you want to see why I am considered an expert, click here. If you want more information, click here or click here. If you want to see some true stories from my clients, click here or click here.

If you prefer to converse live, call me at 919-645-2117, so you can ask a question, then a follow up question, then a clarifying question, and a concluding question, until you know what you need. If you prefer to write longhand, sent your letter to Tim Burrell; 11025 Mason Ridge Drive; Raleigh, NC 27614. If you like faxes, send one to 919-846-6594.

Thank you for letting me help.  Tim Burrell




O.K., now the disclaimer.  You knew a Lawyer could not write something without having some fine print.  I am not offering free legal advice, even though I am still considered an attorney in California.  What I am offering is advice on real estate matters, relying on 21 years of experience selling real estate, the creation of several subdivisions, and the construction of a large number of homes.  Ask your question, and if what you need is legal advice, I will refer you to an attorney who can help you.  If I can answer the question without offending the members of the local bar, I will be happy to do so.

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Don't try to sell your home without the inside secrets we have learned over 21 years selling homes like yours. Get free reports by e-mail without any obligation. The reports could make you thousands, and save you from costly litigation.
For Further Information
Don't buy a home without getting the free education provided by our special buyer reports. You could avoid buying the wrong house, and save thousands of dollars. You get what we have learned over one fifth of a century, for free, sent by e-mail with no obligation.

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